How to Clean your Omega Centrifugal Juicer

Always clean your Omega Juicer after each use. Do not allow pulp and juice to dry on. This will make cleaning difficult.

Unplug the machine from the outlet. Disassemble your Omega Juicer by removing the plunger from the feed shoot.

Release both latch arms by inserting your fingers in the openings below the latches on each side of the motor base. Pull both latches outward and upward. Allow the latches to drop down, freeing the top cover. Lift off the top cover.

Turn the Nut Screw counterclockwise to unscrew.

Remove the bowl, coupling, basket and cutter blade all together.

Now remove the strainer basket, coupling and blade from the bowl.

Handle the Stainless Steel Basket with care so it does not get dented or bent. It is a precision-engineered part for balance and smooth operation.

Wash these parts in hot water only. There is no need for detergent, but a mild detergent may be used if you wish.

The coupling, plunger, cover and nut need only to be rinsed while the cutter blade, bowl and strainer basket may need a stiff brush used on them under running water to remove all residues.

Towel dry all parts before you reassemble your Omega Juicer.

The stainless steel parts can be placed anywhere in your dishwasher. The plastic parts can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher only as long as the water does not get too hot. Any plastic parts that warp due to exposure to excessively hot water will not be covered by the manufacturers warranty. Hand washing in soapy cold or warm water is suggested.

To remove mineral stains that may build up after repeated use, immerse all of the removable parts and submerge them in a solution of 8 Tablespoons of Cascade or similar dishwasher detergent per gallon of water. Soak the parts over night for best results. Never immerse or get the motor base housing wet.

If you use your juicer daily, it is recommended to follow the above soaking procedure once a week. If you do not soak your basket on a maintenance schedule every 7 to 14 uses, the holes in the mesh screen of the basket will get smaller which will make the juicing process less efficient.

Never lubricate any parts of your Omega Juicer with any kind of Lubricant.

One other thing to remember is where the overload switch is. If your Omega Juicer should stop running or not start when you try to turn it on, the electrical overload switch maybe tripped. To reset the overload switch, look on the bottom of the motor housing. Push the black button to reset the machine.