Champion Juicer Leafy Greens Attachment

Item#: HE-ChampLeafAttachUSVersion

Product Description

You can juice Wheatgrass and all leafy greens with this Leafy Greens Attachment when you attach it to the Champion Juicer you own.

You must have a Champion Juicer Household 2000 or Champion Juicer Commercial 2000 for this attachment to fit on to.

The Champion Juicer Leafy-Greens Attachment works with Champion Juicer machines manufactured 2003 until now. The Attachment will NOT fit a Champion Juicer made before 2003.  The Attachment will NOT work or fit on the Brown , Avocado, or Yellow machines.

The following Champion juicers with a serial number higher than the number listed below will work with the Leafy Greens Attachment:

Serial# or Higher (US VERSION ONLY) Juicer Color
All Black
All Silver
W-447,800 White
AL-222,690 Almond
C-10,640  Cream

The Champion Greens Attachment is made from the very strong Eastman Tritan plastic.

All parts are BPA Free.

The Screen Assembly has a stainless steel screen

Comes with:
Screen Assembly
Pulp Spout Cover
End Cap

This Leafy Greens Attachment Does Not come with a juicer.  Juicers are sold separately.

Champion 2000 Juicer Household

Champion Commercial Juicer 2000

Because the Champion Juicer operates at 1725 RPMs, that makes the It the fastest wheatgrass juicer. With such speed, you may have to run the wheatgrass through the Champion Greens Attachment 2 times to extract the maximum amount of juice. Champion recommends you do not run the grass through the Champion greens attachment more than 2 times. By the time the grass has gone through the machine the second time the grass is dry. If you put it through a 2rd time it may be too dry and possibly bunch up inside the attachment.

The Champion Juicer Leafy Greens Attachment is made in the USA and can NOT be shipped outside of the USA.