Lello Pasta Maker Pro 3000

Item#: HE-LelloPro3000

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The Lello Pasta Maker Pro 3000 mixes and knead the dough then press it into fresh pastas.

This Lello Pasta Maker has 8 different discs.  These 8 discs make spaghetti, Linguini, Capellini (Angel Hair Spagheti),  Small Fettuccine,  Macarnot, Biscotti (Cookie Shaped, Bucati (Large Hollow Spaghetti) and Lasagna.

This pasta maker will make 3 pounds of pasta in 20 minutes.

The Lello Pasta Maker Pro 3000 has a 300 watt motor and is UL Listed.  The over heat protection will turn the motor off if necessary.

You must completely assembled the Lello Pasta Maker or it  will not turn on.

It is quick and easy to disassemble and cleaning.

The Lello pasta maker weighs 24 lbs (not shipping weight)

Measures 12 by 8 by 12 inches

The owners manual includes 38 pasta recipes.

1 year Warranty

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