Things to Consider When Buying a Yogurt Maker

There is nothing better than the taste of homemade yogurt on a hot summer day. Yogurt is nature’s way of providing you the best coolant. Low in calories and high in taste, you can pretty much add in any fruit with yogurt to turn it from a simple delight into a special treat.

With people now becoming aware that store bought yogurt isn’t the best way to becoming healthy, many are making yogurt at home for themselves and their loved ones. To become a master yogurt maker, you need to know your Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker 2 Qt YM260 from your VitaClay 2-in-1 Personal Slow Cooker Yogurt Maker. And for that, we’re going to help you.

What to know about Your Yogurt Maker

There are several variables involved in making the right decision when it comes to buying a good yogurt maker for your home.


Each yogurt maker will have a certain rate of capacity. Your average yogurt maker comes in two sizes, a large-batch or single serving. It is up to you to choose one or the other based on how much yogurt your family will consume. For example, the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker YM100 makes up to a quart of yogurt in individual serving jars whereas the Euro Cuisine YM260 holds two quarts in one large batch.


A yogurt maker for a large batch usually has a plastic container which can be put in the refrigerator for storage, although, the Euro Cuisine YM36 green and YM460 Red comes with a 2 quart glass jar. Usually single-serving containers are glass.


A yogurt maker is designed to be easily handled. There is no need to worry about the temperature; yogurt makers keep the yogurt at a constant temperature just below 115 degrees. Yogurt makers do not have an auto shut off time because you choose how long you want it to process for.  The longer you leave it in the yogurt maker the tarter the flavor becomes.


The yogurt maker needs to be easy to clean. The containers that hold the yogurt are removable, so it can be very easy to clean them or put them in the dishwasher. However, it is also important that the yogurt maker itself should be easier to wipe clean from the inside and out.

Along with yogurt makers, if you’re looking for useful kitchen tools such as soy milk makers and citrus juicers among other supplies, contact VeggieSensations and start making some delicious delicacies to delight your taste buds.
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