Sprouting Micro Greens

Sprouting Micro GreensMicro greens are the young plants that have emerged from seeds and have only their seed leaves and a single root. The seed leaves are the 2 leaves that are the first to grow from the seed. Micro greens contain more nutrients per ounce than when that have grown into a plant.

Sprouting seeds from home is economical, fun and easy.

Tips for successfully growing micro greens are:

1) Keeping the seeds moist, but not soggy, is vital for successful germination of the seeds. Other purposes for watering your seeds is to prevent the seeds from sticking to each other, to aerate the seeds and to flush old moisture off of the seeds. All of these reasons have the same purpose, that is to prevent mold from growing on your seeds and to prevent the seeds from drying out. It is best if you rinse your seeds twice a day. That will give them enough moisture and oxygen from the water and fresh air to give them a good growing environment.

2) After you have rinsed the seeds you need to make sure they are well drained. Seeds that sit in water do not breath and are at risk of either growing mold or not sprouting.

3) Light control is not necessary in the first day or two. Although, it is necessary to keep them out of direct sun light.  Direct sun light will dry the seeds out too quickly and may heat the seeds up beyond a comfortable room temperature. Photosynthesis will not take place until the seed leaves have emerged. Those seed leaves will turn green naturally with the light exposure a room has with out direct sunlight.

4) You want your seeds to be able to breath. Sprouts do not like being put in a dark, corner where there is little air circulation.

5) Temperature is also important to your sprouting seeds. It is best to put the moist seeds in a room that is comfortable for you. If the room is hot, they will dry out too fast and may grow mold easier. If the room is too cold, they may be slower to germinate.

Are  you ready to sprout your own alfalfa, broccoli, mung beans or other micro greens?

VeggieSensations.com has a variety of seed sprouters to choose from. Some are low cost and easy to use which are great for those who want to start growing micro greens with little start up cost. The Biosta 3 tray and the Victorio 4 tray are great beginner sprouters. There are sprouters that will automatically water your greens for you like the FreshLife seed sprouter. Click here to check out our complete line of seed sprouters and seeds.

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