The Dos and Don’ts of Using a Blender

As an easy enough small home appliance, the blender has helped many a cooks and food lovers in the kitchen. Used to mix, puree, liquefy, emulsify and whip different food ingredients, the blender serves as a multi-purpose tool. However, there are several dos and don’ts that go into using a blender to ensure its longevity.

The Dos of Using a Blender

·         Fasten the Lid Firmly

If the lid is not firmly pressed and sealed shut, the food inside the blender can splatter all over the kitchen, so it’s better to keep the lid nearby. And while using a blender without a lid might give you easy access to tasting the concoction inside, doing so can also lead to some accidents.

·         Allow any Hot Liquids to Cool First

If you’re using the blender for any hot liquids, allow the contents to cool down for a while before whipping off the lid. Blending hot liquids creates steam and intense head can be harmful for your skin. Therefore, it’s better to let the liquid cool gently. Also, use a vented lid to prevent pressure from building up inside the sealed blender jar.

·         Use the Pulse Button Accordingly

When blending different foods such as ice or nuts; try to use the pulse button to get an even blending. You can also use this button when mixing drinks, cocktails or marinades so that the food inside is properly blended.

·         Use a Plastic Spatula

Stainless steel spoons just won’t do. Instead, scrape down the sides of the blender by using a spatula to take down any dry or thick mixtures that might be sticking to the walls. Just remember to use the spatula only when the motor is turned off.

The Don’ts of Using a Blender

·         Blend Thick Foods for Long Periods of Time

Blending any thick food for more than 2 minutes can cause the blender to overheat, which in turn can cause it to stop working properly.

Use the pulse button when using heavy mixtures and blend for up to 10 seconds at a time so that the apparatus does not become overloaded. The Vitamix blenders can handle thick foods better than personal blenders and stick blenders.

·         Use Attachments that do not Come with Your Blender

If one component of your blender is from another company and you’re using them both together, it can load your motor with too much power. This can cause your blender to overheat and cause damage to the electrical parts.

·         Use Your Blender as a Storage Container

While some blenders such as the Aroma Watts Up Single Serve Personal Blender allow you to store your smoothies or mixes in the blender, do not think that this would be the same case with all your blenders jars.

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