How to Store Coffee

As a much loved beverage, it is important that your coffee stays dry and away from external elements so you can have a fresh cup of coffee any time of the day.

But how do you make sure each cup of coffee is at it's best? For that, has a few tips for you.

The Cause of Flavor Loss

Natural elements such as moisture, air, heat and light are the enemies of coffee. Therefore, forget about storing your coffee grounds or beans artistically in clear, decorative jars on your kitchen counter. Cookie jars that do not come with an airtight lid will only cause the air and moisture to get in the jar and degrade your coffee. Your coffee needs to be stored in a non clear jar with a tight sealing lid.

Storing Your Coffee

When buying coffee in bulk, most people think it’s better to simply freeze the beans or grounds and pull the bag from the freezer each time they brew a pot. However, what they don’t realize is that freezing the beans or grounds is a one-time deal. This means that you may freeze your coffee beans, but once you’ve taken the whole bag out, you should not put the bag back in the freezer. Periodic change in temperature and the introduction of moist room air can wreck havoc on the flavor of your coffee. The best way to keep your beans fresh is by dividing the bag into weekly portions and freezing those air tight bags that you will not need the first week.

To take it one step further, use a vacuum sealer to remove the air from the bag or container when storing your beans in a cupboard or freezer. VeggieSensations has vacuum sealers such as the Weston Vacuum Sealer Pro-1100 and Weston Harvest Guard Sport Vacuum Sealer for storing not only coffee but many other foods that are dehydrated or stored in the refrigerator.

Buy Whole Beans

Whole coffee beans have less surface area to absorb moisture than coffee grounds. If you order more coffee than you will drink in one week, we recommend you buy whole coffee beans. You can store your whole coffee beans in an air tight container or vacuum sealed bag in a cupboard or freezer, but first divide the coffee into one week portions as mentioned above. Grind only the amount of beans you need for the day for the best tasting coffee possible.

Finally, to grind whole coffee beans, use a simple coffee mill. We recommend you grind only the amount of coffee beans you need for the current brew and keep the rest of your beans safely sealed in their container.

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