3 Common Fermenting Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Fermenting is a complex process if you don’t know where to start. However, like all connoisseurs, it doesn’t take long before your experimenting pays off and you become an expert.

However, during your fermenting adventure, you often make mistakes without even knowing.

So here, we are going to tell you about three fermenting mistakes that many people make and what you should do to avoid them.

Top 3 Fermenting Mistakes

·         Refrigerating the Fermenting Food Too Soon

When it comes to cold storage, many people make this mistake without knowing. It is important that you let the fermenting food go through the three steps of fermentation while keeping it at room temperature.

Many people make the mistake of refrigerating their sauerkraut, Kimchi or pickles 3-10 days after they pack their fermenting pot. However, this only slows down the process since refrigeration slows down the whole process of food spoiling. As such, when you place your fermented food in the refrigerator, you slow down the bacterial process.

It is recommended that you leave your food in the pot out in room temperature for a minimum of four weeks so the sauerkraut can have time to go through the three steps of the bacterial process.

On the other hand, it is also important that you do not can your sauerkraut by heating it because that will end up killing the good bacteria.

·         Opening the Fermenting Pot and Letting the Oxygen In

Oxygen is your enemy when it comes to fermenting any food item. The LABs (lactic-acid producing bacteria) thrive in an environment void of oxygen. So if you expose the fermenting food to oxygen, the yeast in your ferment will become oxidized and will then form acetic acid, which is vinegar. Fermentation is a balanced process, so keep water in the reservoir for 3-4 weeks and do not open the pot. The best way to know if your pot has kept out the oxygen is by remembering the different red flags such as a yeasty odor, pink or browned cabbage, or slime and mold on the top of the cabbage or water in the pot.

·         Not Taking Steps to Prevent Moisture

When you’re not using the fermenting crock pot, it is important that you store the stones outside of the cleaned pot. It is also important that you keep the lid “off” so that moisture does not get trapped. Trapped moisture allows mold to grow, which is a big no-no. Mold can make you very sick if you don’t store your pot in a manner that will prevent mold from growing. You can put the pot, lid and stones in a hot oven after you have washed it. Turn the oven off and remove the pot after it has cooled down. This will kill any mold that is present.

Now, the problem with mold is that since it has roots, it will spread. Remember; if you see a slight bit of mold, the whole pot will have mold in it.

If you’re looking for a good quality fermenting pot, VeggieSensations offers different types of crock pots from some very reliable companies such as the K&K Fermentation Crock Pots – Kerazo F2 and the Boleslawiec Fermentation Pots as well. So go ahead and buy your sauerkraut crock pot, and keep an eye on these mistakes when fermenting one of your favorite delicacies.

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