What's in a Name? The Evolution of the Champion Juicer.

Mid May 2016 I purchased a used Husqvarna Viking sewing machine. Why was I willing to buy a used sewing machine? Because Husqvarna Viking is among the highest quality sewing machine manufacturers in the world. I wanted the best sewing machine on the market that will least 30+ years of my use, plus it does everything I need a sewing machine to do and more.

February 5, 1872, in Husqvarna, Sweden, a factory that used to build firearms experienced a decline in sales. The artisans who worked in the factory made the bold move to manufacturing sewing machines instead of firearms. Their passion created high quality sewing machines. Over the years they continued to improve and update their line of sewing machines, keeping their high standards and developed a reputation of high quality in their name.

The same is true for juicer manufacturers. You get high quality when you buy a juicer that was manufactured by a company that has the passion for high quality and has been in the business of making juicers for a long time.

Champion Juicers are manufactured by the Plastaket Manufacturing Company. They were founded in 1950 and made plastic fruit baskets.  In 1953 Plastaket Manufacturing got their feet wet in the juicer manufacturing business by manufacturing a juicer for an independent company based in Galt, California. Two years passed when Plastaket was ready to manufacture their own brand of juicer, the Champion Juicer. In their early years they invested in research and developed and implemented improvements to the Champion Juicer so it will extract the maximum amount of juice and create nut butters, ice creams and grated vegetables. At that time they also started using a cooler running GE motor. In 1977 they created the Grains Mill attachment, 1993 they added a magnetic safety switch to prevent the machine from operating with out it being fully assembled for your safety. In 2011, with the rise in home wheatgrass juicing, they introduced the Champion 2000+ Greens Attachment for the Champion Juicer 2000. Now, in March 2016, Champion has introduced the Champion Juicer 4000. This amazing, high quality juicer has many features that are different or improved upon from the 2000 model. The 4000 model has a convenient carrying handle built into the top of the body, the body is made from a helmet quality Poly-Carbonate blend of plastic. The shell of the juicer will not fade or chip. This is an improvement over the painted body of the 2000 model. The 4000 model has 4 lugs, as apposed to the 3 lugs on the 2000 model, for attaching the auger assembly to the body. The 4000 model is shorter, narrower and lower than the 2000 model, taking up less space on your counter or in your cupboard. Plus, this amazing machine comes with 2 augers, one is a grinding auger and the other is a greens auger. The new greens auger allows you to juice leafy greens like wheatgrass and kale with out having to buy and attach a separate greens attachment.

You can read more about this new, innovative Champion 4000 Juicer by clicking here. VeggieSensations.com has them in stock now and you can choose what color you like.  They come in black, red and white.

Cindy G.

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