How to Store Coffee

As a much loved beverage, it is important that your Coffee is stored properly to retain its freshness and flavor.
First, its is best to purchase whole roasted beans and grind them as you need them. A whole bean has less surface area to absorb moisture. If you do not wish to grind your own beans you can choose from drip, espresso and French press grinds at Whether you purchase ground or whole bean Coffee, you should follow the same storage practices for both.
Moisture is the biggest promoter of freshness loss, followed by heat, then by light. Storing your grounds or beans in a container with as tight of a lid as possible is best. If you purchase a large batch of Coffee, you may want to divide it into air tight containers that will hold the amount you will use in 1 week. This will prevent air from being introduced to the whole batch each time the container is opened.  Roasted beans are dried and want to re-hydrate when exposed to moisture in the air. So the goal is to keep your beans or grounds as dry as possible.
If you purchased more Coffee than you will drink in a week, you can store it in the refrigerator or the freezer. BUT, you must put the beans or grounds in a totally air tight container.  I recommend you store 1 week batches in vacuum sealed bags. Once you have opened the vacuum bag, store the it in an air tight glass jar in a dark, room temperature pantry or cupboard. I also recommend you allow the refrigerated or frozen Coffee to come to room temperature before you open the vacuum bag. The cold beans will get condensation on them due to the difference in temperature between the beans and the room air. If the bag is allowed to come completely to room temperature the beans will not get wet from condensation.  If the whole or ground beans are stored in a zipper bag in the refrigerator, the Coffee will pick up flavors from your refrigerator that can contaminate the flavor of your Coffee.

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