4 Great Uses of a Food Dehydrator

If you spend a fair amount of money on dried foods every month, you should essentially get a food dehydrator now. Food dehydrators are great tools to remove moisture from food while keeping its nutrients intact. Food experts believe that the dehydration process can keep almost 100 percent of the nutritional content of the food, maintain the alkalinity of fresh food, and limit the growth of bacteria to make sure that you get the maximum nutrients from the meal you make.

Food dehydrators can help you in multiple ways. Here is how you can use your food dehydrator in various ways to make the most of it.

1.      Soak and Dry Crispy Nuts

Soaking and drying nuts and seeds can minimize nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances in them. These nutritional inhibitors, including polyphenols (tannins), enzyme inhibitors, phytates (phytic acid), and goitrogens prevent absorption of nutrients in the body, leading to digestive problems and other related issues. Soaking nuts in warm water can neutralize nutritional inhibitors and encourage the production of beneficial enzymes. Also, it can partially break down indigestible proteins into simpler components to make them readily available for absorption. Using a food dehydrator, you can easily dry nuts and seeds in a matter of few hours to get nutrition-packed snacks at home.

2.      Make Homemade Yogurt

Instead of buying a yogurt maker, you can use a food dehydrator with removable shelves to make homemade yogurt. Store-bought yogurt usually lacks the active and fresh bacteria that are beneficial for your body. Using a food dehydrator not just lets you control the quality of ingredients, but also allows you to extract the maximum nutrients in the end product, leading to multiple health benefits including weight loss.

For a cube-shaped food dehydrator, you can use half-pint canning jars to set yogurt. Generally, 110°F is considered the ideal temperature to set the yogurt properly.


3.     Make Veggie Powder 

Veggie Power comes in handy when a recipe calls for vegetable broth.  Add some veggie power to the water until it has the flavor you like. The best ingredients for veggie power is a lot of green onions, a bunch of parsley and a bunch of celery leaves. Then add a variety of dark greens such as Swiss chard, kale, spinach, beet and or turnip greens. You can fresh oregano, basil, thyme and rosemary leaves. Put the clean whole leaves and herbs in your food dehydrator in loose layers. Toss in some slices of garlic. Dehydrate for 4 to 12 hours, depending on how much is in the dehydrator, at 125 degrees. Put the dry mixture into a food processor. Pulse until all of the ingredients are in small flakes or longer until it is a powder. Store in an air tight bag or jar. Now it is ready to be added to soups or any recipe that needs a veggie kick.

4.      Proof Your Sourdough

A food dehydrator can be the best tool to keep your sourdough warm and fresh. Proofing them between 75° and 80°F setting can provide them with good warmth to give the dough an ideal environment for proofing.

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