5 Smart Ideas to Use a Sauce Maker – Food Strainers

How often do you use a sauce maker or food strainers? Well, many of us almost never use food strainers. To your surprise, these can serve a lot of purposes to make a variety of your kitchen tasks a breeze. You can use manual or electric sauce maker – food strainers like the Victorio and Roma brands.

Wondering how you can use your food strainer? Let’s take a look.

1.      Preparing Baby Food

Introducing healthy homemade food to your baby’s diet can go a long way to creating healthy eating habits. You can offer your baby more flavors and variety by using a food strainer. A sauce makers – food strainer can be particularly helpful for foods with skin, such as beans and peas. By processing the food through a sauce maker – food strainer, you can create foods that are smooth and creamy making it easier to eat and more digestible for your baby.

2.      Removing Skin and Seeds from Tomatoes

Tomato puree serves as a base for a number of recipes, including soups, sauces, and salsas. Fresh tomato puree is usually hard to find in stores leaving you with canned as your only choice. So, it is best to make your own tomato puree and store it for future use. In order for this, you essentially need a Roma or Victorio sauce maker – food strainer to remove skin and seeds from tomatoes to create the consistency of your puree you expect to have.

3.      Making Jelly

It is fun and rewarding to make homemade jelly. A sauce maker - food strainer is essential when making seedless jelly from a variety of berries. A berry strainer screen, when used in either a Victorio or Roma food strainer, will remove seeds from berries for making clear jelly.

4.      Creating Fresh Salsa

The Roma and Victorio sauce maker - food strainers will process tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, cilantro and any other ingredient you desire in your homemade fresh salsa. A food strainer will get the job done quickly and they are easy to clean.

5.      Making Grape Juice

Drinking fresh grape juice is better for you than store-bought juice that may have added sugar. Juicing any variety of fresh grapes is easy with a sauce maker - food strainer. After you have washed the grapes, run them through a manual or electric sauce maker - food strainer using a grape auger. The skin and seeds are quickly separated from the ready to drink juice. You can also make grapy jelly from the juice.

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