Masticating Juicers Vs. Centrifugal Juicers: Which One Is Best For You?

We can vouch for this; great health starts from home and comes in the simplest of forms, like in juices. High on nutritional value, juices are the top recommendation of any health expert, especially fresh extracted ones. While packaged juices are high in demand, the same cannot be said about their ingredients. In fact, when it comes to comparing packaged juices with fresh ones, the former doesn’t even come close. Many store bought juices contains "Citric Acid". Citric Acid is a trick word which means other items have been added to the citric acid before it is added to the juice. This is legal because the law makers said as long as the citric acid is more than the other ingredients, it is okay. One of the ingredients that can be added to citric acid is Mono Sodium Gultimate (MSG). MSG is a whole other article, but that alone makes me want to juice fresh fruits and vegetables at home.

Fortunately fresh juices can easily be prepared with the help of some excellent juicers available online. But first, you have to choose between the types of juicers. For anyone new to the scene, there are two main types of juicers-masticating and centrifugal. Which one and what model should you buy? Here’s the answer:

Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal juicers have an upright design. The food is pushed to the meshing chamber where sharp teeth shred the food into tiny pieces to what is commonly called ‘pulp’. The centrifugal motion extracts the juice out of the pulp and funnels it out. These juicers are widely used for home and commercial purposes. Centrifugal juicers get the job done quickly, but they can be noisy while juicing. If you are planning to buy one for personal usage, there are some great affordable options available like the Omega Juicer BMJ390, Acme Centrifugal Juicer 6001 and the Breville Juicer Elite 800JEXL.

For commercial purposes like for restaurants or juice stands, the Ruby Juicer (custom made once the order is received) is recommended. This juicer is durable and made of stainless steel. Despite the sophisticated technology, this juicer is very easy to use and clean.

Masticating Juicers

Masticating juicers have a horizontal design. There is a tube which contains an auger attached to and powered by a motorized base. As fruits and vegetables are pushed through the tube, the auger crushes and squeezes them. The juice usually comes out from the underside of the tube, whereas the pulp from the end.

Slow juicers like the Tribest Green Star Elite Chrome are the latest addition to masticating juicers product line. This particular model brings revolutionary twin gear technology. There are also slow juicers that have an upright design, they operate similar to masticating juicers except they have a small foot print on you counter top. The slow extraction allows maximum juice yield and optimum nutrition retention. Another excellent option is the Omega Twin Gear Juicer TWN30S. It comes with two stainless steel juicer gears that crush your produce efficiently. For intended home usage the Champion Juicer Household Model 2000 is an excellent choice.

For a more comprehensive range of masticating juices check out this page.

When choosing a juicer, it all comes down to your preference and affordability. Make sure you read all the features and relevant details before you finalize your purchase. If you are looking to buy the best juicers online, take a look at our complete range of industry favourite and top of the line juicers. If you have any question or queries, feel free to contact us.

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