Flavored Coffee

A Flavor for Every Palate

Discover an extensive range of the best flavored coffee online at VeggieSensations. From the ever so irresistible Fudge Brownie flavored coffee to the exciting Jalapeno Coconut flavored coffee. And, you must try the Maple Bacon or the Chocolate Raspberry flavored coffee. We offer a choice of flavors to suit every palate or mood. All of these flavored coffee varieties have been made from the finest Arabica beans that delivers rich coffee flavors at the best prices.

All of our coffees and teas ship with a flat $9.95 shipping no matter how many different flavors or varieties you buy at one time that are shipped to one continental U.S. address. So pull your friends together and place one order for everyone to save on shipping per person. For an example, ten people ordering one bag of coffee or tea each in one order going to one congenital U.S.address will cost less than a $1.00 per person for the shipping.

The flavors are derived from natural flavors & oils and artificial flavors.  They are 100% vegan, dairy free and alcohol free. The nut flavored coffee have been flavored with nut oils. This may cause an allergy risk to those who are allergic to nuts. Each cup is only 2 calories.