About Us

VeggieSensations was established in 2005 and has grown to be a thriving business because we understand that you, the customer, is why we are in business.

Our goal is your satisfaction. We strive to inform you, to the best of our ability, about the products we sell so you can make a wise decision before making your purchase.

Our commitment is to provide you with high quality products at as low a price as we can for your daily food preparation needs.

We are here to give you support after the sale. If you should have any questions or warranty needs in regards to the product(s) you purchased, contact us at admin@veggieSensations.com. Or, Call us toll free 866-469-7417 Monday - Friday: 8AM - 12AM EASTERN, Saturday & Sunday: 9AM - 9PM EASTERN.

We are also doing our part to reduce our foot print on earth. We do not have a paper catalog, thus consuming less paper products. Our product can be found on our website and some are on Amazon.com.

In our personal lives we strive to leave as small of a foot print on this earth as possible. We had been heated our water with solar energy from 1984 up until it leaked in 2014. In 2007 we added solar panels to our home which produces more electricity than we need in a year. We also grow organic vegetables in our garden here in California. In 2014 we began to grow excess vegetables for a local church out reach program called Turning the Hears - Gardens of Grace. This program provides the homeless and working poor in our town new and used clothing, canned and dried foods and fresh fruits and vegetables grown in individual's back yards. In 2017 we started a small farm that is operated by volunteers and maintained by the homeless of our community. 

As Christians integrity, honesty and you are important to us.

Wishing you God’s blessings,

Cindy, Owner