100% Natural Organic PestControl For Home & Garden



This handy tool for pest identification can be taken right into the garden. Pests, listed in alphabetical order, are shown in larger-than-life-color drawings to make identification easy. Descriptions of their life cycle area are accompanied with three main methods of control (Biological, Cultural, and Acute) to chose from.

These controls incorporate various techniques such as companion planting, traps, sprays, hand picking, creating a good garden environment, and the use of microbials. The use of long term biological or cultural control for prevention is best since acute controls may also kill beneficial organisms and upset the balance of nature. The principles of Integrated Pest Management Principles are explained and guidelines are provided for cockroach IPM for the home.

Learn about Plant diseases and organic insect control.


  • Introduction
  • Biological Insect Control
  • Cultural Insect Control
  • Acute Insect Control
  • Creating a Good Garden Environment
  • Integrated Pest Principles
  • Insect Resistance
  • Cockroach Integrated Pest Mamagement ¬†for the Home
  • Common Pests of Gardens and Homes

Author: Tom Roberts

96 pages

5.5 x 8.5 inches