Acme and Omega Juicer Filters



The Acme / Omega Juicer filters fit the Acme models 5001 & 6001 and Omega models 1000 & 9000 juicers.

We will ship the Omega Juicer Filters. If the Omega brand is out of stock we will ship the Acme brand. They are exactly the same and do the same job.

Each liner is made of cellulose fibers. These liners have not been bleached.

The disposable centrifugal liners come in a package of 200.

They are biodegradable and compostable.

To remove pulp from your juice, line your centrifugal juicing basket with 1 filter. Then remove the filter and throw it away or compost it. Cleaning up after juicing is quick and easy.

Each liner measures 23 inches long x 3 inches wide.

They are made in the USA.