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Aroma had designed this food dehydrator for even dehydrating and efficiency.

 Use the food dehydrator for drying herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, meats, flowers and more.

Making yogurt in this food dehydrator is easy. Because the food dehydrator has an adjustable temperature control, you can make yogurt in it with confidence. Remove some of the trays so your yogurt bowl will fit in the food dehydrator and set the food dehydrator to 115 degrees. You can check the flavor after 6-8 hours. Leave the yogurt in the food dehydrator longer for a tangier flavor. 

BPA Free:

Be assured, your food will be dried safely in this BPA free food dehydrator. Both the door and trays are made of a BPA free polypropylene plastic as well as the mesh sheets.

The  food dehydrator Trays:

You get 6  trays that you can insert in tracks inside the food dehydrator/

The inside walls of the food dehydrator has 6 slots for the trays to slide into. You choose how many trays you want to use and how much space you want between each tray.  You can use a few trays in the food dehydrator to dry tall items like a flower arraignment 

Each of the food dehydrator trays measure 12 inches x 13 inches with 11 inches x 12 inches of usable space. There is one half inch between each of the food dehydrator trays when all of the trays are being used. Each tray can hold up to 1LB in weight.

The food dehydrator also has a removable drip tray. This make cleaning the food dehydrator easy.

Mesh Sheets:

The food dehydrator includes a mesh sheet for each drying tray for a total of 6 mesh screens. The mesh screen prevents small pieced of food from falling through the tray of the food dehydrator.

Fan and Thermostat:

The heating element and automatic fan are located on the back of the food dehydrator with a vent on the top for even heat distribution. Even heating preserves the vitamins and minerals in your food as it dries. The food dehydrator has an adjustable thermostat you can set between 95 degrees and 155 degrees. This temperature range is ideal for drying raw foods up to meats. 


The front door of the Aroma food dehydrator has a see through plastic panel. The  food dehydrator door removes to make it easy to put the loaded trays in and to pull them out for cleaning.

Electric Cord and Controls on the Aroma food dehydrator:

The Aroma food dehydrator model AFD-815B has a short electric cord to prevent the cord from hanging off of a counter top where children can reach it.

The On/Off Switch and Temperature Controls are on the top of the food dehydrator for easy access.

There is a quick reference chart located on the top of the food dehydrator between the temperature control knob and the on/off switch. It is there to help you choose the ideal temperature you need for the foods you are drying.

Low Wattage:

The food dehydrator operates at 400 Watts. This low wattage is constant to maintain an even temperature inside the food dehydrator with varying dehydrating times. 

The food dehydrator includes an owners manual with 2 recipes.  We offer dehydrating cookbooks that include a variety of recipes to use the dried foods you made in you food dehydrator and drying tips and temperatures for specific foods. 


This food dehydrator comes with a 5 year Aroma warranty on manufacturing defects including the motor.

Shipping the food dehydrator:

Free Shipping on the  food dehydrator is by FedEx Ground shipping to the lower 48 States. Free shipping does not apply to other products purchased unless they also have free shipping.

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