Aroma 20 Cup Rice Cooker NutriWare NRC-690SD-1SG



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We no longer sell this model of rice cooker.  Click HERE to see our selection of rice cookers.

The Aroma NRC-690SD-1SG Rice Cooker has a Stainless Steel inner pot and the glass lid in tempered.  The inner pot does not have a non stick coating. All parts that touches your food is surgical stainless steel.

This 20 cup rice cooker is ideal for families or any one who needs to make large batches at one time.

This rice cooker comes with a steamer basket.

You can use it with both the rice cooker pot and steamer basket or just the rice cooker pot.


20 cups of completed food.

The preset buttons are Brown Rice, White Rice, Saute-Then-Simmer, Steam and Keep-Warm.


Stainless steel, removable cooking pot
Tempered glass lid with a stainless steel rim
Electronic control operation
Automatic keep warm function
Cooks and Steams at the same time.

2 Year Aroma Warranty

Includes the stainless steel steamer tray
Measuring cup
Serving spatula