Aroma Watts Up Single Serve Personal Blender



This Aroma Watts Up Single Serve Personal Blender is great for making a single serving smoothie and whole food drinks. Choose your favorite fruits and vegetables, put them in the Watts Up Personal Blender and press the one and only button. If you need to check on the ingredients or you know your food is done, then let go of the Personal Blender button. It is that simple.

The Aroma Personal Blender is not only easy to use, it is also easy to clean. To use it, fill the bottle with your favorite fruits and vegetables, twist on the blade assembly, place on the Personal Blender base and press the power button.

The one touch button system makes blending quick and easy. You hold down the Personal Blender button and release it when you are done. You can make creamy apple sauce, puree fruits for dehydrating into fruit leathers, make baby food and so much more.

The 2 Personal Blender bottles are made of BPA free, strong Tritan plastic. These 2  Personal Blender bottles each have their own travel sipping lids. The Personal Blender bottles have an easy grip shape and hold 20 ounces. The Personal Blender sipping lids have a curved handle on top and a flip up/down cap for preventing spills.

The Personal Blender motor base has 4 rubber feet to keep the Personal Blender in place while blending.

The blade has 4 cutting wings. The blade assembly fits securely into the Personal Blender motor base with the blending bottle secured on the blade assembly. You get one blade assembly with the Watts Up Personal Blender.

This Aroma Watts Up 20 ounce, 300 watt, single serving Personal Blender includes a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

This Aroma Personal Blender is easy to clean. Either wash with soap and water then rinse or put 1 drop (no more) of dish detergent into the Personal Blender jar, screw the blade base on and pulse it in the motor base then rise and dry.

Choose from black or red Watts Up Personal Blender.

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