Biosta Three-Tier Sprouter



Biosta Three-Tier Sprouter is ideal for sprouting 3 different seeds at one time or for starting one tray on different days to keep a supply of sprouts avaliable.

You can grow small as well as large seeds.


Enjoy nutrient packed sprouts daily with the Biosta Sprouter. 


  • Doesn't require soil or sun, just water
  • Young sprouts are at their peek of nutrients and enzymes in days
  • Patented pending design allows water to drain from one tray into the other
  • No rinsing or washing necessary 
  • Save money by growing your own sprouts
  • Easy to use for children to adults

The Biosta Sprouter has three nesting 7-3/4" diameter sprouting trays, a water collection tray and a lid.

It comes in Green