Boleslawiec Fermentation Crock Pots



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The Boleslawiec line of fermenting crock pots are hand crafted in Poland. They are made from a slab of clay instead of a slurry. Forming the fermenting crock from a slab of clay instead of a slurry makes the walls thicker and more even. Each pot has been fired in a kiln at 1200 degrees fahrenheit for strength. The lead free glaze covers all surfaces except the area that touch the kiln during firing. So the bottom edge of the pot, the bottom edge of the lid and the weight stones are left unglazed because those surfaces are what touches the kiln rack.

The clay used in making this fermenting crock pot is extracted from the Boleslawiec region of Poland where this wonderful clay is in abundance. Boleslawiec Stoneware was named after the town it is located in. The town of Boleslawiec is 280 miles south-west of Warsaw, Poland's, Capital.

This pot is air tight due the lid sitting in a water reservoir. This water barrier allow air to escape the pot. This air is replaced with the carbon dioxide that the cabbage produces. Mold will not grow in the carbon dioxide environment. Eventually the excess carbon dioxide will also escape the pot with out letting fresh air in.
The Boleslawiec ceramic company has been making these pots well over 60 years.

The included 2 piece weight stone holds the cabbage or cucumbers under the water insuring the maturation process is completed with out any mold growing.

This fermenter uses the lactic fermentation process where natural sugars and bacteria found in and on fruits and vegetables create the fermenting process as long as there is no oxygen gets to the food inside. Keeping the food under the water and preventing fresh air from entering the pot is important. The natural fermentation of fruits and vegetables creates carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is heaver than oxygen. The oxygen bubbles out of the pot leaving the carbon dioxide inside. This deprives the environment of the mold growing nutrient, oxygen.

Boleslawiec Fermenting Pot Size Chart

The glazed ceramic jar
A glazed lid
The 2 piece weight stones.


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