Breville Blender Hemisphere Control BB605XL



Enjoy smoothies, sauces, soups and much more with the Breville Blender Hemisphere Control Blender. This model BB605XL is a blending machine with some food processing abilities.

The Breville Blender Speed Controls:

This Breville Blender has 2 pre-programmed settings, one is for crushing ice and another is for making perfect smoothies. Both of these setting will automatically change the speed to get perfect results. They also turn off automatically when the Breville Blender is done.

The 5 speed controls on the Breville Blender will keep the machine going at the chosen speed until you choose to turn it off.

The Breville blender pulse button allows you to do a quick chop or short bursts to make chunky foods like salsa. You can turn ice into snow for cocktails and snow cones.

The Breville  Blender has an illuminated LCD timer display that is easy to read. The Breville Blender counts down for the 2 pre-programmed settings and counts up for the other 5 speed controls.

The Breville Blender Motor and Base:

The Breville Blender Hemisphere™ motor has high torque for crushing ice and blending thick foods. The Breville blender operates with 750 watts of power and uses 110 – 120 Volts of electricity. The Breville Blender motor is designed to operate quietly.

The Breville Blender motor base is made from die cast metal for strength and longevity.

The Breville Blender Container, Blades and Lid:

The 48 oz (6 cups, 1.5L) round Eastman Tritan™ copolyester Breville blender container is made of food safe BPA Free plastic. The Breville Blender container has markings in both cups and liters on the side and has a tight sealing lid to prevent splashes.

The lid has an assist finger ring feature that is unique to the Breville Blender. Just put your finger in the ring on the lid and pull up for easy lid removal from the Breville Blender jar.

The surgical Stainless Steel Hemisphere™ blade is permanently attached to the Breville Blender jar base.

The Breville Blender blades are designed in an upward position to draw the food down from the top of the Breville Blender jar for efficient and complete blending. The Breville Blender give you consistent and even blending every time you use it.

The blades spin closely to the the vortex shaped bottom of the Breville Blender jug and have a wide reach for efferent blending.

The Breville blender lid has an inner measuring cup lid that is removable for adding ingredients while blending. Use the cap plug for measuring when you add ingredients through the hole in the Breville Blender lid.

The cord stores in the bottom of the Brevillle Blender base for convenience.

It is easy to clean the Breville Blender. Just add a drop of dish detergent and about 2 cups of water to the jar, put the lid on and hold down pulse for a few seconds. Then just rinse and dry the Breville Blender jar.

The Breville Blender measures 8 " x 6.5 " x 17 " and weighs 11 pounds.

The Breville blender comes with a1 Year Limited Breville Blender Warranty

The Breville Blender can be shipping only with in the 48 United Sates.

Free Shipping on this Breville Blender applies to FedEx Ground to the 48 Continental States (not including Hawaii and Alaska). It does not apply to other products purchased at the same time unless they also specify free shipping.

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