Champion Jucicer Commercial 2000



This Champion Juicer 2000 is a commercial grade juicer. It is built to with stand longer hours of operations than the Champion Juicer household model.

The difference between the Champion Juicer commercial model and the Champion Juicer household model is the Champion Juicer commercial model has more motor windings for extended use in a day and uses 650 watts of power where the Champion Juicer household model has fewer windings and uses 540 watts of power for the home use. Everything else is the same in each Champion Juicer. With the commercial juicer you can juicer continuously for long periods of time. The household machine needs to cool off after 20 minutes on continuous juicing. You will have little to no intermittent cleaning of the machine. 

The Cutter / Auger

The floating cutter in this commercial grade Champion Juicer cuts and crushes, then separates the pulp from the juice by pushing the pulp through the screen. The Champion Juicer blades are made of tempered stainless steel for strength. They are molded into the auger.

Champion Juicer Feed Chute:

The Champion Juicer commercial feed chute is 1 3/4 inches in diameter. It is large enough to put whole produce in the chute with out having to cut them into small pieces. This makes juicing with the Champion Juicer fast and easy.

What You Can Make With the Champion Commercial juicer:

The commercial Champion Juicer juices  fruit and vegetable for a variety of drinks all day long.  This Champion Juicer will juicer hard vegetables including carrots. It will also juice celery, pineapple and soft fruits like kiwi and melons. You can make Frozen Desserts, Baby Food and all kinds of Nut Butters with the commercial Champion Juicer. It also homogenizes for making nut milks.

The Commercial Champion Juicer will not juice wheatgrass. We sell the Champion Juicer Leafy Greens Attachment separately. The leafy greens attachment will juice all leafy greens including wheatgrass and kale.

The Commercial Champion Juicer Motor

The commercial Champion Juicer operates at 50-60 hertz. The motor shaft is made of stainless steel for long wear. It can be used in both household or commercial use and still be covered under the manufacturer's long warranty.

The  commercial Champion Juicer has a heavy duty motor with 1/3 horsepower made by GE. It turns at 1725 rpm with 650 watts and has extra winding in the motor for extended use during the day.

The Commercial Champion Juicer Specs and what comes with it:

This Champion Juicer measurements are L 17" x W 7.5" x H 10". It weighs 26 pounds which is not the shipping weight.

Items Included with the Commercial Champion Juicer:

The commercial Champion Juicer includes an all purpose screen, a homogenizing blank, 1 juice collection bowl, a hand sieve for those times you want to have pulp free juice, a tamper for helping large items through the Champion Juicer feed chute and a funnel.

Champion Juicer Warranty

The Commercial Champion Juicer 2000 comes with a (10) year parts warranty from the date of machines original  purchase with the following exceptions:

There is a 1 year warranty on the cutter blade and 3 year warranty on the motor for defects resulting in a motor shaft seal failure.

Color choice of the Commercial Champion Juicer:

This Champion Juicer comes in White and Black, you chose which color your prefer.

Shop for Champion Juicer Commercial 2000 online with us. Easy to operate, this commercial juicer makes juicing more convenient and efficient. You don’t want to miss out on this high performance, durable juicer.

Made in the U.S.A.