Champion Homogenizing Body



This Champion Homogenizing Body is the newest version of a homogenizer for the Champion juicers.

The cutter blade does not fit in this Homogenizing Body.

It comes in only Black or White

Make frozen fruit desserts and nut butters with this blank replacement.

If offers fewer parts to clean and to assemble.

It will not leak and is dishwasher safe.

It comes in black and white only. Some photos of the white blank look like it is cream. There are only white and black version. A cream colored one is not available, the photo with a cream model is just a pour photograph.

It fits juicers with the following serial numbers and higher:

The Black or White Homogenizing Body fits these color machine serial numbers:

AL-1000         thru      AL-1000000   (ALMOND)

A-23000          thru      A-1000000      (AVOCADO)

B-1000            thru      B-100000        (BLACK)

BR-14000       thru      BR-1000000   (BROWN)

C-1000            thru      C-1000000      (ALL COLORS)

CM-1000         thru      CM-1000000   (ALL COLORS)

CHD-1000      thru      CHD-100000  (ALL COLORS)

S-1000             thru      S-100000         (SILVER)

W-42000         thru      W-1000000     (WHITE)

Y-25000          thru      Y-1000000      (YELLOW)

We are an authorized Champion Juicer and parts dealer.

We can ship this part to a PO Box if no other items are ordered and shipped to the same ship to address.