Champion Juicer Cutter Blade



The Champion Juicer Cutter Blade fits the Champion household and  Commercial Juicers.

This Champion Juicer Cutter Blade comes in white only. All other colors were discontinued by Champion in September 2009.

It is an original Champion replacement part that is manufactured by Champion.

This Champion Juicer Cutter Blade fits Champion juicers with serial numbers higher than:

AL-1000   (ALMOND)

A-23000   (AVOCADO)

B-1000     (BLACK)

BR-14000  (BROWN)

C-1000      (ALL COLORS)

CM-1000   (ALL COLORS)


S-1000       (SILVER)

W-42000    (WHITE)

Y-25000     (YELLOW)

The purchase of 1 will be shipped via USPS and can be shipped to a PO Box address.  If you purchase the cutter and other items at the same time, we can not ship to a PO Box address and will need a street address for FedEx to deliver to.