Champion Juicer Household Model 2000



The Champion Juicer Household Model 2000 is a high quality and strong juicer that is intended for home use.

Feed Chute: 

The Champion Juicer has a large 1 3/4 inch diameter feed chute. This large feed chute reduces the need for cutting your fruits and vegetables to small pieces. 

Cutter / Blade:

The floating cutter in this Champion Juicer is made to separate the pulp from the juice with little to no intermittent cleaning.

The Champion Juicer blades on the auger are made of tempered stainless steel. The blades are cast into the auger for strength and will not rust. This cutter and auger combo that is used in the Champion Juicer gives you the best of cutting and crushing abilities. The Champion Juicer extracts the maximum amount of juice, enzymes, nutrients and fiber for better health. You get a deeper color of juice with the Champion Juicer as well as a full body taste.

What it Can Juice:

The Champion Juicer is an ideal machine for juicing hard vegetables like carrots, stringy vegetables like celery, stringy fruits like pineapple, soft fruits like kiwi and soft fruits like melons and much more. If you want to juice leafy greens like wheatgrass and kale in your Champion Juicer we suggest you purchase the Champion Juicer Leafy Greens Attachment which is sold separately.

You can make Frozen Desserts, Nut Butter and Baby Food with the Champion Juicer by using the included blank homogenizing plate.


The 1/3 horsepower heavy duty GE electric motor in the Champion Juicer rotates at 1725 rpm, 110 V 50/60hz with 540 watts of power for quickly producing a healthy juice.

Dimensions and Weight:

The Champion Juicer dimensions are 17" long x W 7.5" deep x 10" high and it weighs 26 pounds. This is not the shipping weight of the Champion Juicer.

What's included with the Champion Juicer:

The Champion Juicer includes a cutter, a screen, a blank, 1 collection bowl, a hand sieve for those times you want your juice pulp free, a tamper for helping large items down the Champion Juicer chute and a funnel.

One operating manual that includes some Champion Juicer recipes.

Optional Leafy Greens Attachment is Available:

Add the Champion Juicer Leafy Greens Attachment to your Champion Juicer order for juicing all leafy greens. This juicing machine will not juice wheatgrass with out the leafy greens attachment and it does not juice stringy greens like kale with out the leafy greens attachment. Click her to read more and purchase the leafy greens attachment.


There is a 10 year warranty on the Champion Juicer Parts and a 3 year on the Champion Juicer motor. Normal wear of the Champion Juicer Cutter is covered for a period of 1 year.

Made in the U.S.A.

What the difference is between the Champion Juicer Household and the Champion Juicer Commercial Models:

The difference between the Champion Juicer household model and the Champion Juicer commercial model is the Champion Juicer household model has less motor windings and uses 540 watts of power when the Champion Juicer commercial model has more windings for longer use in a day and uses 650 watts of power. Everything else in each Champion Juicer is the same including the warranty periods. The Champion household juicer needs to cool down after 20 minutes of continuous use. Most people don't even need to run the machine very long to get the juice they need for a family.

The Champion Juicer comes in white and black, you choose what color your want. Both the black and white juicers come with a black food pusher.