Champion Juicer Large Hole Screen



Replacement Large Hole Screen for the Champion Juicer 2000.

Comes in White, Black, Almond and Sliver.

This large hole screen fits Champion Juicers with serial numbers between  the following numbers:

AL-1000         thru      AL-1000000   (ALMOND)

A-23000          thru      A-1000000      (AVOCADO)

B-1000            thru      B-100000        (BLACK)

BR-14000       thru      BR-1000000   (BROWN)

C-1000            thru      C-1000000      (ALL COLORS)

CM-1000         thru      CM-1000000   (ALL COLORS)

CHD-1000      thru      CHD-100000  (ALL COLORS)

S-1000             thru      S-100000         (SILVER)

W-42000         thru      W-1000000     (WHITE)

Y-25000          thru      Y-1000000      (YELLOW)