Champion Juicer Replacement Blank



This Replacement Blank fits both the Champion commercial and household juicers with serial numbers between:

AL-1000         thru      AL-1000000   (ALMOND)

A-23000          thru      A-1000000      (AVOCADO)

B-1000            thru      B-100000        (BLACK)

BR-14000       thru      BR-1000000   (BROWN)

C-1000            thru      C-1000000      (ALL COLORS)

CM-1000         thru      CM-1000000   (ALL COLORS)

CHD-1000      thru      CHD-100000  (ALL COLORS)

S-1000             thru      S-100000         (SILVER)

W-42000         thru      W-1000000     (WHITE)

Y-25000          thru      Y-1000000      (YELLOW)

Choose from White, Black, Almond or Sliver. All other colors are not available.