Cook Helper Spiral Slicer by Benriner



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The Benriner Cook Helper Spiral Slicer creates long, spirals of vegetables. It will slice hard vegetables like potatoes, carrots and radishes as well as soft vegetables like zucchini and cucumbers. It makes zucchini spaghetti fast and easily.

This spiral slicer is an exciting kitchen tool. It can be used in professional and home use.

It requires only a turn of the hand crank to make continuous ribbons or strands of vegetables. You will have very little waste with the Benriner Spiral Slicer.

It is safe to use and easy to clean.

Just pull up on the spiral slicer handle up, put the vegetable under the handle pad and gently press down while turning the handle.

Included is 4 Stainless Steel blades.

Made in Japan