Cooking Vegan - Healthful, Delicious and Easy



Vesanto Melina is a vegan dietitian and Joseph Forest professional chef have combine their knowledge and recipes into this Cooking Vegan Cookbook.

Cooking Vegan has tempting recipes that include the nutritional value.

Vegan Cooking Cookbook Hi-lights include which plant foods are high in protein for maintaining fitness, optimum protein amounts for children and athletes, the correct combination of plant nutrients to preserve and build strong bones, natural ways for you to gain overall health even when you are living with diseases that are chronic
This book helps you to make choices that meet your required daily need of vitamins B12 and B6 and information on the best carbohydrates and fats to include in the diet

Cooking Vegan emphasizes whole foods you can easily find and easy to make with very little refined products.

Nutritious whole grains and beans, wholesome vegetables and fruits are combined with seasonings for great flavor.

A sample of recipes in Cooking Vegan: Tuscan Minestrone, Cashew-Cheese Lasagne, Blueberry-Mince Pie and Chocolate Orange Cake.