Dash Go Salad Chef



Make your own fresh salads, grate fresh cheeses, shred cabbage for coleslaw, slice cucumbers for making dill or bread & butter pickles, slice vegetable for stir fry dishes and salads with the Dash Go Salad Chef. Slicing, dicing and shredding is made easy with the Dash Go Salad Chef!

The Go Salad Chef stores easily in your cupboard. The Go Salad Chef measures 11.5 inches Deep x 6.5 inches Wide x 10.5 inches High.  Thev Go Salad Chef has a modern, slim and compact design.

Choose the color of Go Salad Chef you want between Black or Red.

The Go Salad Chef will slice and shred hard vegetables like carrots and beets easily. Eat a healthy meal with sliced or grated zucchini and other fresh vegetables for a raw snack or cooked meal.

The blade cones store in the back of the Go Salad Chef to keep all of you tools handy and for neat storage. Just open the semi clear smoky compartment door on the back of the Go Salad Chef to choose which cutting blade cone you need.

The Go Salad Chef comes with 5 color coded cones including a thick slice cone, a thin slice cone, a fine shred cone, a coarse shred cone and a grater cone.

To insert the cones on the Go Salad Chef, first insert the cone of your choice in the cone holder/feed chute assemble. Hold the drive shaft and twist the cone clock wise and it will lock into place. Place the cone holder/feed chute assembly at a 90 degree angle to the Go Salad Chef Base. Insert the drive shaft into the socket in the Go Salad Chef base. Now twist the holder/feed chute counter clockwise until it locks onto the Go Salad Chef base and is upright. Next, attach the clear splash guard. Line the brackets on the Go Salad Chef Guard up with the slots on the Cone holder rim. Now you are ready to use your Go Salad Chef.

The Go Salad Chef food guide, feed chute and food pusher are made from clear BPA free plastic so you can see the whole grating and slicing process. The Go Salad Chef cones are made of stainless steel and BPA free food safe plastic.

All parts on the Go Salad Chef are BPA free and food safe.

The Go Salad Chef motor runs with 120 watts.

The body of the Go Salad Chef is made from plastic.

All removable parts on the Go Salad Chef are top rack dishwasher safe. To clean the base of the Go Salad Chef, just wipe Go Salad Chef clean with a damp dish cloth.

The Go Salad Chef weight is 4.70 lb. This is not the shipping weight. The weight of the Go Salad Chef and rubber feet hold the Go Salad Chef in place.  The rubber feet on the Go Salad Chef prevent scratches on your counter top.

The Go Salad Chef comes with a user manual with 8 recipes.

The Go Salad Chef is made by Dash and sold by VeggieSensations, a Dash authorized dealer.

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