Excalibur Dehydrator 2500



Excaibur Dehydrator 2500

The Excalibur Dehydrator 2500 is perfect for individuals or those who wish to dehydrate small batches at one time.

Drys faster them most other drying machines, about 2 to 10 times faster. The Excalibur dehydrator was the first to place the motor and fan on the back of the machine. The motor and the 4 inch Fan are on the back of the machine not only to prevent food and liquid from dripping on the electronics, but also to provide a more efficient drying system.The manufacturer has taken 35 years of experience to created this state of the art Excalibur Dehydrator.

For best results, you can control the dry temperature. You can choose a temperature between 85 - 155 degrees with the variable control. Dry fruit rolls, trail mixes, fruits, vegetables, herbs,  flowers, crafts and more.

The Excalibur dehydrator is easy to clean because the trays and front door removes.

The 220 watts, 110V, 60 HZ 2400 is energy efficient with little cost to operate.

The 5 trays measure 14 inch x 14 inch square and are made from polycarbonate plastic and includes 5 polymesh screens. This machine offers 5 square feet of drying space.

The Excalibur dehydrator trays and screens can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher.

You get 25% more drying area with the square design than you get with round dehydrators.

External dimensions are 6.5" H x 13" W x 16.25" D.

Comes with a 5 yr manufacturers warranty and a 24 page recipe and instruction book

The Excalibur Dehydrator 2500 is available in Black only.

The 2400 and 2500 models ship in an eco friendly package. It is not in a plastic bag and is secured in the box with recyclable cardboard corner caps on the top and bottom.

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