Fagor Duo 8 qt Pressure Cooker



The Fagor Edition of the “Pressure Cooker Perfection” Cookbook gives you step-by-step instructions, food charts, and 100 fabulous recipes for the Fagor pressure cooker. Each recipe includes color photos and troubleshooting tips. You will be walked through the test kitchen process.

The Fagor Pressure Cooker was voted the best pressure cooker by leading culinary magazines and voted the top choice pressure cooker on national cooking shows including MasterChef.

Cook foods up to 70% faster than using conventional cooking methods. The sleek, ergonomic handles are easy to grip for opening & closing. Has Low (8 psi) and High (15 psi)pressure settings.  Low setting is for cooking delicate foods.

The Fagor 8 qt model 918060787 comes with a stainless steel steamer basket with a support trivet and instruction booklet that includes more than50 recipes.


Has 18/10 stainless steel construction

Exclusive triple valve safety system and safe locking system on handle. This prevents opening while pressure is inside.
Two individual excess-pressure release valves. They prevent  excess pressure to build up.

Spring mechanism with LOW (8 psi) and HIGH (15 psi) pressure settings.

The pressure cooker has a flat bottom that works on all types of home  stove tops including induction, ceramic, gas and electric.

Includes stainless steel steamer basket with trivet

Easy to regulate and release pressure. Select automatic pressure release position for automatic release of excess pressure and to release pressure before unlocking.

You can see visually on the handle when all pressure has been released.

Includes Instruction manual with recipes

10-year Fagor Pressure Cooker warranty

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

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