Fissler Quattro Pressure Cooker Set 8.5 qt and 4.2 qt 5861



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This Fissler Quattro Pressure Cooker FIS5861 comes with 2 pressure cooker pots. One is a 8.5 quart pressure cooker and the other is a 4.2 qt pressure skillet. This set comes with one glass lid and one pressure cooker lid.

The Fissler pressure cooker is made in Germany.

Cooks Illustrated rated the Fissler 8.5 quart Pressure Cooker#1 among a variety of stove top and electric pressure cooker models they tested. This pressure cooker set is the highest quality of any pressure cooker sold on the market.

The modern looking Fissler Quatrtro pressure cooker set has the best safety and operation features. This pressure cooker is perfect for new and experienced cooks. This high quality pressure cooker is the easiest pressure cooker on the market to use and clean up is a breeze. The Vitaquick® Quattro pressure cooker is an updated version of the best selling Blue Point line.

This pressure cooker is steam and it is silent while under pressure. It does not have a noisy, rocking weight. It requires less water, energy and time to get the job done.

The shape of the Fissler Vitaquick® Quattro pressure cooker set is conical for easy stacking during storage.

It is made from 18/10 Stainless Steel that is thick and heavy duty. It is manufactured in Germany with German labor and materials.

The Base is designed for use on all stove tops, even a flat top and induction stoves.

The stainless steel base has an extra thick aluminum core for quick and even heating. The base is designed and built to never warp, separate or get hotspots.

There are maximum and minimum fill markings on the inside of each pressure cooker. This prevents under and over filling.

The pressure cooker auto lock system on the handle clicks when locked into place. The visual indicator changes color from red to green when the lid is securely locked. Pressure can not build inside the pressure cooker until the lid is securely locked in place.


This pressure cooker set comes with a tripod that is placed inside the pot and you place the stainless steel perforated insert on top. Never place the insert on the bottom with out the tripod. The tripod holds the insert above the water line.

All parts of the pressure cooker are dishwasher safe. The control valve does not need to be removed from the pressure cooker for cleaning even when put in the dishwasher. All you need to do is rinse the valve off.

The Fissler Vitaquick Quattro pressure cooker set comes with a lifetime manufacturers warranty.

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