FreshLife FL-3000 Seed Sprouter



Tribest's FreshLife sprouter has a timer and will automatically water your sprouting seeds for 5 minutes. After 25 minutes it will repeat the 5 minute watering cycle. Sprouting seeds like alfalfa, wheatgrass and other seed types has never been this easy to grow. This method of sprouting seeds is low cost to run.

Sprouting seeds that are organic will provide you chemical free sprouts of any kind.  Wheatgrass is easy to grow for your daily wheatgrass shot by sprouting seeds in the FreshLife Sprouter.

The sprinkler spins to disburse water evenly over the sprouting seeds.

FreshLife FL-3000 Features:
1 water reservoir barrel with an on/off switch.
1 barrel for sprouting seeds
1 lid.
Detachable power cord.
The strong motor pumps up to 3 barrels high for even water on the sprouting seeds. This machine comes with a water reservoir and one sprouting barrel.  You can purchase extra barrels to stack up to 3 sprouting barrels high as seen below.

For sprouting seeds indoors, the room temperature should be between 65 F to 85 F degrees.

Sprouting seeds is easy and so is cleaning and operating. Sprouting seeds year round is possible in any climate.

The FL-3000 sprouting seeds machine comes in green only.

FreshLife Sprouting Seeds Machine Specifications:
11.2 w x 13.6 h x 11.2 d inches
Weight is 6.0 lbs.
1 Year Warranty

We sell the extra sprouting barrel to expand your FreshLife to 2 or 3 barrels high. The FreshLife will pump up to 3 barrels high for sprouting seeds in larger quantities.

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