FreshLife Sprouter Extra Barrel Set



The Freshlife Sprouter extra barrel set replaces the original barrel and adds more sprouting capacity to the Tribest FreshLife Sprouter FL-3000.

You can add 1 to 2 extra Freshlife Sprouter barrels to the original machine including the metal brackets not in the picture.

Note: You can add 2 extra barrels to the FreshLife Sprouter FL-3000 model making the it 3 barrels high plus the water barrel and the watering sprayer will turn and spray the top barrel.  The FL-2000 model does not have a powerful enough pump to push the water up to the 3rd barrel to spray.  Three barrels high on the FL-2000 will get water to the top barrel, but the sprayer will not turn.

The Freshlife Sprouter Barrel comes with all of the parts needed to extend the capacity of your Freshlife Sprouter.

Comes in Purple Smoke color.