Generic Food Dehydrator Non Stick Sheets




These sheets are a superior quality and are 5 mil thick making them a heavy weight sheet with a superior non stick coating over a non-porous sheet.

These generic non stick sheets are ideal for dehydrating fruit leather, herbs, small items and more in your Excalibur Food Dehydrator or other food dehydrator brands.

 You can fold or cut this sheet into any size you want. You can also cut them into a round shape to fit the Nesco brand round food dehydrators.

They are not an Excalibur Brand, but fit 15 inch square dehydrator trays allowing 1/2 inch space from the edges of the trays. this allows for air circulating.

  • Measure 14 inches square
  • They are 5 mil thick.
  • Coated with a PTFE coating for an ideal non stick surface.
  • Very flexible.
  • East to clean, wash with dish soap and water. Dry with a towel

 This generic non stick sheet offers the same high quality as the Excalibur brand of non stick sheets.

Price is per sheet.