Goodbye Detergent! Original Spaghetti Scrub



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Goodbye detergent! Spaghetti Scrub is a line of environmentally friendly scrubbers for your home, made with unique materials such as recycled corn cobs and peach pits.

The Goodbye Detergent Scrubs, Gentle and Coarse, are out of stock.

The Spaghetti Scrub cleaners come in packs of 2.

Choose a Spaghetti Scrum between: Coarse or Gentle.

The Coarse Spaghetti Scrub is made with:
Corn cob core powder, cotton, polyester

Best used for:
Removing stains from metal cookware, kettles, sinks, grills, and peeling the skin off of vegetables like carrots and potatoes.

The Gentle Spaghetti Scrub is made with:
Peach pit powder, cotton, polyester

Best used for:
General cleaning, removing stains from glass, wood, plastic, high quality nonstick pans and any other surface that is prone to dulling or scratch.

These interesting Spaghetti scrub have natural abrasives for your scrubbing needs. What do we mean by natural? How about corn cobs and peach pits?

No detergent is needed with the Spaghetti Scrub for general cleaning but a tiny dab of soap can helpd if tackling heavy grease. Remember, a little dab of detergent can go a long way because the spaghetti scrub will stay very soapy and the peach and corn abrasives are effective on their own.

Each Spaghetti Scrub will lasts for months and because of their unique shape, they are pliable enough for trickier cleaning jobs and tight spots like corners, whisks, and behind faucets.

The best part is the Spaghetti Scrub dries quickly and completely so there's never a stinky or moldy sponge in your sink.

When you're done cleaning, just rinse the Spaghetti Scrub, and hang somewhere to dry.

Features & Materials:
Coarse: corn core powder, cotton, polyester
Gentle: peach pit powder, cotton, polyester

• The Spaghetti Scrub dries quickly and completely to prevent mold and smell
• Pliable shape
• Each reusable Spaghetti Scrubs last for months
• Packaging made from 100 percent recycled paper