Green Star GSE-5000 Elite Juicer Soft Fruit Knob



This Soft Fruit Knob is for the Green Star GSE-5000 and GSE-5050 Juicers.. It will not work on other Green Star or Green Power machines.

To prevent clogging your machine when juicing soft fruits, use the Soft Fruit Attachment. This soft fruit attachment is for juicing soft fruits like apples, oranges, pears and kiwi's. Do not juice bananas, peaches and mango's with the soft fruit knob. It is best to puree bananas, peaches and mango's in a blender. These fruits are not juicer friendly.

The adjustment knob on the end is green, not black as shown in the picture.

The pulp of some fruits will get clogged in the juicer and the Soft Fruit Attachment has a more relaxed spring which allows the pulp to flow out of the machine.