Grills Gone Vegan Cookbook



This Grills Gone Vegan Cookbook has plant based recipes including proteins, fruits, and vegetables.  Grilling fruits, vegetables and plant based proteins bring out a rich, deep flavor in them..

Tamasin Noyes is a veteran chef and vegan cookbook author.  She  offers readers a meat free cuisine that goes beyond kabobs and burgers.  In this vegan cookbook you will find recipes from sandwich fillings and quick appetizers to wonderful side dishes and great array of sweets. All  recipes are made on the grill.

Tamasin’s sauces and rubs make tempeh, tofu, and seitans explode with flavors.  Her marinades infuse great flavors into vegetables.

Every recipe in Grills Gone Vegan Cookbook offers options for indoor cooking. You can use any type of indoor or outdoor grilling equipment.

The Grills Gone Vegan Cookbook gives you information on the art and science of the grilling, guidelines for both indoor and outdoor grilling and how to use a smoker.

Tamasin also shares her tips in this vegan cookbook for prepping plant based proteins and vegetables so you get perfect results in grilling. You will be inspired by the menus in Grills Gone Vegan Cookbook so you can create party dish for every season.