Handy Pantry 1 QT Glass Seed Sprouting Jar

Handy Pantry


The Handy Pantry Seed Sprouting Jar is an economical and easy to way to spout small batches of alfalfa and other seeds for salads and sandwiches.

The sprouting jar is ideal for beginners at growing sprouts and for growing small batches.

The 1 quart Sprouting Jar has a wide mouth. The sprouting jar comes with free 2 ounce bag of organic alfalfa seeds, growing instructions and a food grade plastic mesh lid.
The label on the sprouting jar is water resistant.

The sprouting jar measures 6.5" tall and 3.5" in diameter.

The wide mouth on the sprouting jar makes it easy to remove the finished sprouts.

We sell a variety of seeds for your sprouting jar.