Handy Pantry Organic Mung Bean Seeds (8 oz)

Handy Pantry


Mung bean seeds are almost as popular as a sprouted seed as alfalfa seeds.

Mung bean seeds will grow into a crisp spout in about a weeks time.

They are great in oriental dishes, salads, snadwiches and side dishes, These Mung bean seeds can be sprouted in a variety of seed sprouters. 

Our Handy Pantry Mung Bean Seeds are Certified to be 100 percent organic.

Each mumg bean seed is high in protein, viamins A, B Complex, C and E. There is also Minerals, Enzymes and other important nutrients in the sprouted mung bean seeds.

one cup of mung bean seeds will grow into 5 pounds of mung bean sprouts or more.

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This package of mung bean seeds is 8 oz.

The dry mung bean seeds have a long shelf life.

The best way to store the seeds is in an air tight plastic bag or jar, but for the longest shelf life, store them in a vacuum sealed bag.