Handy Pantry Organic Red Winter Wheat Seeds 8 oz

Handy Pantry


Handy Pantry Organic Red Winter Wheatgrass Seeds are certified 100 percent organic.

These wheatgrass seeds come in an 8 oz package.

These seeds are intended for growing wheatgrass for sprouted breads and for growing your own Wheatgrass for Wheatgrass Juice. These wheatgrass seeds will also grow to maturity when allowed to continue to grow.

Wheatgrass juice is a fun and easy way to boost your vitamin and mineral in take each day. Growing your own wheatgrass seeds gives you the convience of having wheatgrass available when you want it.

The dry wheatgrass seeds have a long shelf life. Store the wheatgrass seeds in an air tight plastic bag, jar or for the longest shelf life, store them in a vacuum sealed bag.