Handy Pantry Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit WGK-DE

Handy Pantry



This Organic Wheatgrass growing Kit comes complete with everything needed to grow organic wheat grass for juicing.

Wheatgrass growing in the Handy Pantry trays grows enough grass to produce about 14 to 18 ounces of juicer per tray.

Each wheatgrass growing tray measure 21 inches by 10 inches.

The Handy Pantry Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit is perfect for single people as well as families.  If you need more grass, start a new tray about every 2-3 days if you need less start a tray about every 5 days. As long as the wheatgrass is growing it will be fresh and ready for juicing.

Grow organic grass in 1 tray and grow sprouts and microgreens in an other.

Wheatgrass Growing Trays - (5) 10 x 21 inch wheatgrass growing trays are rectangular and reusable. The drain holes allow excess water to drain to prevent rot.
Yield - You will get about 14 - 18 oz of juice per tray.

Organic Wheatgrass Growing Seeds - Comes with 5 pounds of seeds.  Handy Pantry chose this seed for it's superior germination rate and thick blade.

Organic Wheatgrass Growing Mix - You get enough growing medium to fill 5 to 6 wheatgrass growing trays. This composted soil is high in available nutrients. You can throw the used soil in your compost pile and use it for wheatgrass growing again after it has composted for a while.

Azomite - Comes with a package of Azomite.  Azomite feeds your seeds with 67 major and trace elements. Wheatgrass growing is quick, easy and nutritious when you use Azomite.

Book - You will receive "Wheatgrass, Sprouts, Microgreens and the Living Food Diet" Book by Living Whole Foods, Inc. This guide provides you important information on using grass juice, microgreens and sprouts for improving your health. It teaches you wheatgrass growing and juicing and how to grow sprouts and microgreens.

Instructions - Includes step by step wheatgrass growing instructions.