How to dry Foods Dehydrator Book by Deanna DeLong



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How to Dry Foods is an all purpose book of instructions on how to dry fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, meats and crafts. It includes recipes that use the dried items you created with your food dehydrator. 

How to Dry Foods by Deanna DeLong has been a favorite for more than two decades. This revised and expanded version includes more than 100 incredible and updated recipes. This book also has a new look.

When you dry food, you are saving energy, nutrients, money and, best of all, taste.

This step by step guide to drying fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, meats, fish, and nuts. It is the most comprehensive reference available for methods of drying and home dehydrating equipment. This is the only book you need to master this age old culinary tradition.

How to Dry Foods includes:

Step by step instructions on how to dry a wide variety of foods

Updated information on equipment and drying techniques More than 100 recipes teach cooks how to make meat jerkies, fruit leathers, trail mixes, main courses, desserts, baby food and much more with full color pictures.

Helpful charts and tables for at a glance reference

Food safety tips

Creative crafts that are made from dried foods

About the Author: Deanna DeLong has worked for more than twenty years writing, consulting and teaching everything about dehydration. She has lectured to audiences around the world, worked as a dehydration consultant to major manufacturers in the housewares industry and has written numerous publications about drying.

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