How To Start A Worm Bin



This How to Start a Worm Bin is your guide to getting started with worm composting. It shows you how to take responsibility for the waste create by turning food scraps into valuable nutrient-rich compost.

Henry Owen demonstrates that worm composting is a year-round activity that is easy, fast, convenient, good for the earth, good for your plants, and fun.

Topics include:
  • what type of worms to buy
  • how to construct a bin
  • how to maintain the right environment
  • how to foster a thriving “worm herd
  • worm bin troubleshooting
  • FAQs cover everything else you need to know


106 pages, published 3/15

Dimensions 6 x .3 x 9 inches

“This book has made the art of worm composting accessible to everyone.”
—Nadine Ford, manager, Little Sugar Creek Community Garden

“This book highlights how easy and rewarding vermicomposting can be. I believe that
anyone who reads this book will feel confident enough to start their very own worm farm.”
—Brian Rosa, owner/consultant, BE New Organic World LLC

“The science and biology involved are explained in a simple, effective format without
getting overly technical. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in a unique
way to help themselves and the environment.”
—Mike Gorman, founder, FC Organics