Humio Ultrasonic Humidifier HU-1020 with Aroma Therapy




Humio HU-1020 ultrasonic humidifier operates silently while it adds a cool mist in a room up to 100 square feet.

Humio ultrasonic humidifier  is safe because it does not use hot water like vaporizers. This ultrasonic humidifier uses vibrations that create a fine mist. A vibrating metal diaphragm in the ultrasonic humidifer produces a frequency which emits a very fine mist in the air.

The Humio ultrasonic humidifier has a night light and comes with a compartment for adding any aroma oils of your choice.

The ultrasonic humidifier provides a wonderful ambiance by glowing a mild light in shades of red, green, blue and varying colors in between. It will operate with or with out the light. You can make ultrasonic humidifier stay on any one of the 3 colors of your choice. Energy efficient LEDs make the ultrasonic humidifier illuminate.

Prevent you, your house plants and wood furniture and house plants from drying out.  The ultrasonic humidifier reduces static electricity in the air.

The Humio ultrasonic humidifier has high and low mist settings to choose form. Each light and mist function operate independently or simultaneously.

There are no filters in the Humio ultrasonic humidifier to clean or purchase.

Humio ultrasonic humidifier puts out 180 ml of moisture per hour.

You can run the ultrasonic humidifier all night in a bedroom with out running out of water. Fill it every 10 hours. The Humio ultrasonic humidifier holds half a gallon of distilled water. The red light will flash when the water reservoir is empty.

The ultrasonic humidifer rotates 360 degrees.

The water tank holds Approx. 2 Liters (.5 gal) of water.

The provided cleaning brush makes cleaning the ultrasonic humidifier easy. The brush is stored in the bottom of the machine.

Humio ultrasonic humidifier Measures 8" x 8"  x 14" high and weighs 3 lbs.

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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