Joyce Chen Spiral Slicer 51-0662

Joy Chen


The Spiral Slicer 51-0662 a must have tool whether you are a raw foodie, vegan or just want continuously thin slices or strands of vegetables. Use it to turn any hard or firm vegetable into strands or slices.

The Joyce Chen Spiral Slicer first became popular in Japan then it's popularity grew in the U.S.

The spiral slicer is made from strong, high impact BPA free ABS plastic. Other items made with ABS plastic is musical instruments, luggage, toys and the bodies of many small kitchen appliances.

All of the parts are self contained in the spiral container.

The spiral slicer comes with 2 stainless steel slicing blades for wide and narrow slices.

It has a switch that rotates the Julienne blade up to move it out of the way for making slices or down to make Julienne and spaghetti slices.

Twist the spiral slicer on to the collection bowl to lock it into place for safety. When the spiral slicer is locked on to the bowl you can pick up by the turning handle without the bowl falling off.

The collection bowl holds about 3 cups.

The handle is easy to turn and has a high clearance to prevent  your fingers hitting anything.

Insert straight vegetables that are no longer then 5 inches long on the pin inside Spiral Slicer. Put the lid on, twist to lock in place, then turn the handle while pressing down.

Measures 9.5" high x 7" wide

Strand are approx. 1.5 mm wide

Includes a precision stainless steel angel hair / fixed blade.

Hand wash or top rack dishwasher safe.

Instruction Booklet

Made in China