K&K Fermenting Pot Replacement Lid



Sorry, this item is out of stock

Send an email to admin@veggiesensations.com to ask if we have the K&K lid in stock.

We have access to all sizes of the K&K fermenting pot lids. We request you send us an email so we can check on the availability of the size you need.  We will get back to you and we will make it available for purchase on our website upon request and if we have what you need in stock.

The 5 & 7 liter lid base is 6 inches across and 3 inches from the top of the handle to the bottom of the lid. We can get the dimensions of the other lids upon your request.

It has varying shades of brown in color and a slight bit of texture like raised specks.

It is glazed inside and out except the bottom edge does not have a glaze. The bottom edge is not glazed because glazed surfaces will stick to the kiln and the bottom edge is where it sits on the kiln shelf when it is fired.